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The Hellenistic Period

The Hellenistic Period


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Alexander and the Hellenistic Era

Overview of Alexander the Great's conquests and the Hellenistic Period.

25. The Hellenistic Age: Alexander to Antiochus III

Following the death of Alexander, his vast domains were split up among four of his military commanders, and thus commenced the age of Greek influence ...

The Western Tradition: The Hellenistic Age

Hellenistic kingdoms extended Greek culture throughout the Mediterranean.

Alexander the Great and the Situation ... the Great? Crash Course World History #8

In which you are introduced to the life and accomplishments of Alexander the Great, his empire, his horse Bucephalus, the empires that came after him, and the ...

Greek history - Hellenistic period (323-31 BC)


The Fabulous Centers Of Hellenism {DOCUMENTARY}

Ancient Greece. Hellenistic period, the period between the death of Alexander the Great and the annexation of the classical Greek heartlands by Rome.

The History of the Hellenistic Period. Part 1: The beginning. Macedon

This is a fan made educational project that aims to explain and communicate the History of the Hellenistic period in a simple and entertaining way. It is going to ...

Diadochi and the Hellenistic Period | World History | Khan Academy

Alexander's Empire fragments into Seleucid Persia, Ptolemaic Egypt and Antigonid Macedonia (and other kingdoms) and gives rise to the Hellenistic Period.

A History of Philosophy 12.1 Hellenistic Philosophy | Official HD

History of Philosophy is a series of lectures by Dr. Taimur Rehman who also teaches at the LUMS and is a renowned author of the book Class Structures of ...

Cultural globalisation during the Hellenistic Age

Author Peter Thonemann explains the Hellenistic World and the ways in which it interacted with other civilizations, giving rise to a cultural globalisation.

Why has the Hellenistic Age been neglected by historians?

Author Peter Thonemann talks about the traditional neglect of the Hellenistic Age by historians. He suggests this is due to the lack of continuous narrative, which ...



Alexander the Great and the Birth of Hellenism


Hellenistic Era


The Hellenistic Period.

The Hellenistic Period and the Spread of the Greek Language Hellenistic Period -- Dr. David Neiman, the renowned Jewish scholar in the fields of Biblical ...

Lecture 4 The Hellenistic Period

Lecture Series: The Life and Teaching of Jesus. Lecture #4.

Art of the Hellenistic Age: The Age of Alexander


Art History Final Project: Change in History/Classical to Hellenistic.


Hellenic VS Hellenistic

By Cecilia Vu.

Hellenic Civilization


The Hellenistic world

During this time, Greek cultural influence and power was at its zenith in Europe and Asia, experiencing prosperity and progress in the arts, exploration, literature, ...

Ancient Greece - Hellenistic Period

The Hellenistic period (323-30 BC) concerns the Greek history and the history of the other ethnicities of the East, as well as the Roman history after the Second ...

History & the Bible 24: The Hellenistic Period

The Hellenistic Period becomes the backdrop for the events of the Maccabean Revolt and the events leading up to Herod the Great . This is part of a larger ...

History of the Greeks: 5000 Years of Hellenic Civilization

Animated History of Greece from the first signs of Civilization to 2016.

Age of Alexander: Engineering an Empire

438 BC. The Parthenon is complete. This masterpiece is the crowning achievement of a remarkable century for the Greek people. They have enjoyed a burst of ...

The Hellenistic Period: From Alexander to Antiochus III

The Hellenistic Period: From Alexander to Antiochus III.

Hellenistic Greece Lecture

Alexander the Great.



Third Greek sculpture lecture, the Hellenistic Period

Whew. With this lecture you're done with Greek sculpture . . . except for architectural sculpture, which is coming next.

Hellenistic Culture: Science and Technology

This screencast has been created with Explain Everything™ Interactive Whiteboard for iPad.

12b History of Judaism - the Hellenistic era, the Hasmonean Kingdom, and the Roman era

Part two in a screencast lecture in four parts surveying the history of Judaism. This part covers the Hellenistic era, the Hasmonean Kingdom, and the Roman era: ...

Evoy's AP Art History Lectures: Greek Hellenistic Period

Hellenistic Greek Art.

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