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Hellenistic Period

Hellenistic Period

Epicurus, Skeptics, Cynics, Stoics.

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Alexander and the Hellenistic Era

Overview of Alexander the Great's conquests and the Hellenistic Period.

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25. The Hellenistic Age: Alexander to Antiochus III

Following the death of Alexander, his vast domains were split up among four of his military commanders, and thus commenced the age of Greek influence ...

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Alexander the Great History Channel (Engineering an Empire)

Alexander the Great, History Channel Documentary (Engineering an Empire). Greece in the age of Alexander the Great and the establishment of the ...

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Alexander the Great and the Situation ... the Great? Crash Course World History #8

In which you are introduced to the life and accomplishments of Alexander the Great, his empire, his horse Bucephalus, the empires that came after him, and the ...

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Ancient Greece: Late Classical & Hellenistic

Review of Key Works of Ancient Greece from the Late Classical and Hellenistic Periods Brief overview of the Peloponnesian Wars: 0:14-1:14 Praxiteles, ...

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The Church and The Jews - The Hellenistic Period l Lessons of Dr. David Neiman

In this sixth excerpt from Dr. David Neiman's lecture series, The Church and The Jews, Dr. follows the conquests of Alexander the great and the subsequent ...

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Evoy's AP Art History Lectures: Greek Hellenistic Period

Hellenistic Greek Art.

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The Hellenistic Period: From Alexander to Antiochus III

The Hellenistic Period: From Alexander to Antiochus III.

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Art of the Hellenistic Age: The Coming of Rome


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History & the Bible 24: The Hellenistic Period

The Hellenistic Period becomes the backdrop for the events of the Maccabean Revolt and the events leading up to Herod the Great . This is part of a larger ...

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Alexander's Empire and the Hellenistic Age

By: Alex Warren, Justin Fleischmann, Jackson Sanders, and Adam Berger A helpful and in-depth presentation describing the key ideas of the Alexander's ...

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The uprising of women during the Hellenistic period in Greek Civilization

Final Exam Western Cultural Civilization Topic : Greek civilization gender and or social class. Title : The uprising of women during the Hellenistic period in Greek ...

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Hellenistic period

The Hellenistic period is the period of ancient Greek and Mediterranean history between the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BC and the emergence of the ...

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5-5: Greece- Alexander and the Hellenistic Age

Part 5 of the Ancient Greece Lecture. Covers Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic Age.

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The Hellenistic Period

Guarantee success on your exam by getting an overview of The Hellenistic Period. Understand more about the important events that occured during the time.

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Alexander the Great of Macedonia his legacy, the Hellenistic Civilization.

Alexander the Great of Macedonia his legacy, the Hellenistic Civilization. I did not make this video and I do not own it. The copyrights belong to the producer of ...

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Macedonia and the dawn of the Hellenistic era (1/3)

A documentary about the significant role that the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedonia played in the spreading of the Greek (Hellenic) civilization in the ancient ...

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10,000 Years of Art -Greece, Hellenistic Period

As the title of this thread says. Enjoy Here is a whole new way of looking at art. 10000 Years of Art. from 8000 BC to the present day. masterworks from ...

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Israel Archaeology Hellenistic Period.


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The Hellenistic Period


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Hellenistic Age Podcast

Alexander the Great's Empire/Hellenistic Age podcast by Elizabeth Krakovski, Sophia Mavris and Pooja Mehta. Enjoy! Sources: ...

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History of Europe, ep.3 : Hellenistic Period

Greece reigns supreme, with Rome following behind. Music in order of appearance: Two Steps From Hell - Rada Two Steps From Hell - the Colonel Two Steps ...

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Lecture 4 The Hellenistic Period

Lecture Series: The Life and Teaching of Jesus. Lecture #4.

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Medical Attitudes toward Technology in the Hellenistic Period - Marquis Berrey


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Chapter 12: The Hellenistic Period

PowerPoint on Chapter 12.

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Ohrid: Archaeologists Discover Significant Gold Artefacts from Macedonistic-Hellenistic Period

19.07.09 On the road between the Upper Gate and the St. Bogorodica Perivlepta Church were discoevered 17 tombs. In one of the tombs was buried a ...

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Chios Greece destruction of Hellenistic period cemetery

Destruction of Hellenistic period Cemetery. 144 graves were destroyed for the needs of construction for a movie theater and some shops. Local authorities and ...

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Online Lecture Ancient Greece Hellenistic Period


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History: The Greek Empire Documentary on Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece was a civilization belonging to a period of Greek history that lasted from the Archaic period of the 8th to 6th centuries BC[citation needed] to the ...

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Third Greek sculpture lecture, the Hellenistic Period

Whew. With this lecture you're done with Greek sculpture . . . except for architectural sculpture, which is coming next.

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HY110 08 The Hellenistic Age


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The History of the Hellenistic Period. Part 2: The beginning. Philip II

This is a fan made educational project that aims to explain and communicate the History of the Hellenistic period in a simple and entertaining way. It is going to ...

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Hellenistic Period - Green


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The Western Tradition (1989) - Program 8, Unit 4 - The Hellenistic Age

Documentary on Hellenistic Cultures in the Mediterranean. Part of a series by WGBH Boston, The MET, Annenberg Foundation and the Corporation for Public ...

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History of Europe #4 - Hellenistic period!

History of Europe #4 - Hellenistic period! (258-147 BCE) Song: Kevin MacLeod - Night Music Thanks for watching!

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Hellenistic Period SportsCentre


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